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CandraJade's Journal

19 June 1984
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  • candrajade@livejournal.com
I´m 25 and a psychologist from Germany. I graduated in June and am currently looking for a job.

I'm a bit of a loner and spend my free time reading, watching TV and writing.

I love reading and writing Fanfiction for my favourite books and TV shows. Currently, I'm writing mostly Harry Potter and Twilight stories.

I'm a fanatic shipper and I have too many ships I support to write them all down here. My favourite ships are Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter), Edward/Bella (Twilight)and House/Cameron (House M.D.).

I love animals and have two fantastic cats. Honey is two years old and was a street cat in Spain before she came to me. She is very shy and it took her many months until she trusted me, but now she is very tame and gentle with me. Artos is five years old and from the local animal shelter. He is pretty much the opposite to Honey. He is a huge cat who is very social. He enjoys being pettet by everybody and can get rather wild when he has somebody to play with. I love them both very much.